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I’m Shiel. 19. NY. 
Instagram: _silenceofthelambs
Long boarding is my adrenaline rush, I’m 21, and I really enjoy grocery shopping because food can be better than sex (yes I’m a good cook) and I have too many animals. Let’s exchange some laughs yes ;) I’m gabby 

Cutie patootie here^^
Andrea Claire16NY
My name is Katelyn..I’m almost 21..single..lesbian..and from Missouri! Come follow me and talk to me! taste-the-fkn-rainbow.tumblr.com
(I spelt my URL wrong last time, well done me…)
www.lilith-not-eve.tumblr.com and www.helloohannah.tumblr.com

Kylie. 18. California. Music is life. Skater. Pop punk. Most loving sarcastic asshole you’ll ever meet. Tatted. Sass master. Hit me up!
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